The services I offer include:

Weekly Individual Psychotherapy or Counselling Time limited or Longer-term work Group Therapy Couples Counselling

The search for help at an already emotionally difficult time can be overwhelming and confusing. Knowing what you might need is not always clear, and feelings of insecurity and vulnerability may arise in looking for a registered practitioner. By sending me an email, we can the arrange a brief telephone call, followed by a 30 minute initial consultation. We discuss your therapy needs and whether I or perhaps another therapist would be most suitable. If so, I would be able to refer you; I am connected to a large network of colleagues. 


My initial 30 minute consultation is free. From thereon I will charge £65 for a 50 minute individual session; £110 for a 90 minute couples session. Cancellation fees will apply and will need to be discussed at the outset. At times I will have availability for those who are on low income or are on benefits. 

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