Psychotherapy & Counselling

Psychotherapy is a method of talking treatment that is useful in understanding difficulties in how you think and feel in relation to yourself, the world and others. Why someone finds themselves seeking out psychotherapy can be for many reasons. It could be a relationship in crisis, an illness or a bereavement that leaves someone feeling lost, anxious and depressed. Sometimes there may not be one obvious life event troubling you, but a series of feelings that are hard to make sense of. Therapy can be a place to start to understand this process.

For instance, therapy can be a good place to start tackling a general lack of confidence, low self-esteem, feeling disconnected or overwhelmed with life. I can also work with compulsive or addictive behaviour that may once have been the solution to painful feelings or problems that no longer serve you and the life you wish to live. Or perhaps work related stress, redundancy or uncertainty around the future may need space to be thought about.

Psychotherapy or Counselling may be helpful with:

  • Anxiety, depression and feelings of hopelessness
  • Troublesome relationships or unresolved childhood problems
  • Lack of confidence and low self-esteem
  • Addiction and eating disorders
  • Feeling disconnected from life or a sense of meaningless in life
  • Trauma or abuse
  • Sexual problems
  • Stress in the workplace, redundancy, bullying and burnout
  • Divorce or separation
  • Loss and bereavement
  • Understanding and dealing with feelings of guilt and shame, frustration and anger

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